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Janine Zimmerman was a resident of Pacific Glade and the wife of Sheriff Olivia Marconi. She has a counterpart in the Everglades named Jamie Guterman.


The Wendigo[]

  • When Marconi goes missing, Janine believes her girlfriend has been taken by the wendigo, a monstrous entity she learned about from her uncle. She arms herself and heads into the woods to rescue Marconi. There, she meets Mark Hannigan and the Inspector. Janine uncovers the giant's first pocket universe and lights a series of flares to serve as guideposts for their journey back out. She is able to wake the dormant Marconi and help her girlfriend take out the empathic giant.

Purple Moon[]

  • Behind the rift, Janine's life energy manifests as a glowing, dripping orb of purple light, just like the other residents of Pacific Glade.


  • Janine takes a fall during the Pacific Glade quake and sprains her wrist, but is otherwise unharmed.

Fallen Night[]

  • Sometime after the quake, Janine and Marconi are married. They open their home to Ruth and Stephen Hannigan in the aftermath of Mark's death and the collapse of the Hannigan home. Eventually, the Inspector also finds a place at their table.

Temple of the Moon[]

  • Janine flies out with the rest of the family to see Stephen off on his first day of college. She works with Marconi to investigate Lloyd Harper and ultimately stops her wife from falling victim to the Data Entity's hypnosis. Despite being taken captive, she and Marconi are able to get free and kill the Data Entity, and she helps Ruth and Stephen rescue the hypnotized students before Richard Temple can use them as leverage.

Body Count[]

  • Janine is catching a ride home from work in Marconi's cruiser when Marconi is called to Catamount Forest to deal with a rowdy Larry Hogan. She is involved in the car crash that kills Laura Belmont and injures Larry. Although she tries to nurse Larry back to health, he dies due to being poisoned by John Whedon. Marconi believes that Janine is possessed by the brain jacker and is responsible for Larry's death, but Whedon reveals that there is no brain jacker. He shoots Janine before being killed by Marconi, and Janine is taken to the hospital, where she dies of her injuries.

Fear No Evil[]

  • The Semblance takes on Janine's form to manipulate Marconi and lead her into a trap, using a phrase that Marconi has only ever shared with her wife. Even though the Semblance is defeated and sealed away, Marconi wonders where it heard that phrase and believes that it may have been telling the truth about Janine coming to the Ghost Highway after her death.

Final Rest[]

  • When Marconi's mind is fractured across dimensions, one piece of her ends up in a golden city where she meets Janine again. Marconi reveals that she had turned back on the ghost highway with the intent to let Janine rest, and Janine says that she made the right choice, because she was never on that road. She takes Marconi to see Rory Hannigan and Mark's echo, and says that even though Marconi has to leave for now, she'll find her way back to the city one day.