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Mark Hannigan was a homicide detective on the Pacific Glade police force and a former investigative partner of the Inspector. He has a counterpart in the Everglades named Mike Hannity.

For the alternate version of Mark Hannigan from the Moonverse, look here.


Lost Time[]

  • Mark becomes aware of the strange nature of Pacific Glade when he meets the Inspector on an unusual homicide case. He becomes the Inspector's go-to point of contact on the police force and helps him pursue the Time-Eater, who is taken down by Sheriff Olivia Marconi.

Zombie Radio[]

  • Mark is nearly strangled to death by a corpse in the morgue, which prompts a new investigation with the Inspector. The Radio Entity responsible for melting people's brains tries to manipulate Mark by imitating the voice of his wife, Ruth.

Remember Me[]

  • Despite his best efforts, Mark is swept up in the hysteria surrounding John Whedon and ends up leading his lynch mob. He nearly kills Whedon at the Catamount Campgrounds but stops when Marcy McKenna releases everyone from her influence. Mark is alarmed by the dark side that reared its head during the investigation, but ultimately loses all recollection of the event when Marcy alters everyone's memories for the last time.

The Wendigo[]

  • Driven by his bond with Sheriff Marconi, Mark charges headfirst into her rescue mission when she goes missing. He ends up sharing the truth about Pacific Glade with Janine Zimmerman and Marconi after she is found safely.

Purple Moon[]

  • Mark's repeated exposure to the Inspector results in him slipping behind the rift while he's sleeping. In the purple world, Mark learns about the Inspector's true form and is horrified by what he sees. Unable to reconcile the terrifying being he witnessed with the man who helped on his previous investigations, he and the Inspector go their separate ways.

On the Mountain of Madness[]

  • After being injured in a car crash, Mark is transported to Mount Palmer Insane Asylum in the 1930s. He starts seeing old enemies from past investigations throughout the asylum and begins to wonder if a brain-sucking entity has caused him to go mad. His dark side rears its head again when he murders Deacon (mistaking him for the brain-sucker) and nearly kills himself to escape the madness.

Lucid Dreams[]

  • The Inspector seeks out Mark for help on a strange case and the two have a tentative reunion. While investigating Lake Lucid, Mark sees the phantom bodies of his friends and family under the water, and nearly gets sucked into the illusion. Valentina Koeppel tries to recruit Mark as a double agent to provide CAPRA with information on the Inspector and the world beyond the rift, but he refuses.


  • Mark's son Rory is killed in the earthquake caused by CAPRA opening the rift. He unleashes his dark side one last time by murdering the scientists responsible in CAPRA headquarters. Marconi convinces him to put down his gun and come back to his senses. He jumps into the helicopter when he sees Valentina about to betray them, bringing the explosives into the void in order to seal the rift and save the world from being devoured. He is killed by the Ender in the subsequent explosion.

Fallen Night[]

  • Mark's friends and family gather to honor him and Rory at a somber ceremony in Locklear Cemetery. Marconi asks if the Inspector could bring him back, but the Inspector says that the body would just be an empty shell, and this way is better. By the end, the Inspector has extracted what little essence remains of Mark from inside the Ender, and he uses what's left of Mark's voice to tell his story.

A Neverglades Halloween[]

  • The Semblance takes on the form of Mark at the Halloween party to murder Nico Sanchez and play with Ruth's emotions. It teases Ruth by hinting that Mark's consciousness may still exist somewhere out there, but vanishes before she can get any answers out of it.

Ghost Highway[]

  • An echo of Mark still exists in the Netherwastes, but he is mostly an empty shell and doesn't seem to retain any sense of Mark's personality or memories. The Inspector and Marconi are able to help his echo find some rest by taking him to an "emissary of the afterworld," according to the Ferryman.

Final Rest[]

  • When a piece of Marconi's fractured consciousness finds its way to the golden city, Janine takes her to a house where Mark's echo lives with his son, Rory. Even though most of Mark's sentience is still gone, he seems to be at peace, and Marconi is grateful that he got to a better place after all.

Multiverse Incarnations[]

Dark Side of the Moon[]

  • Along with his son, Rory, Mark was one of the only survivors of the monster invasion that destroyed Pacific Glade and (most likely) the rest of the world in the Moonverse timeline. He eventually crosses over to the “prime” timeline and starts a new life with the residents of Pacific Glade who live there.

Can You Hear Me?[]

  • Meta Mark becomes self-aware of his existence as a character in a story and struggles in vain to break the script. He is eventually recruited by the Chronicler to help take down the Sightless, and is offered a chance to travel the multiverse when the battle is over.

Murder Mystery[]

  • In this story’s universe, Mark is just a civilian and his wife, Ruth, is the detective in the family. Mark is repeatedly murdered while at a costume dinner party, no matter how many times he comes back to life, and this is revealed to be because of the Chronicler meddling and trying to write him a happy ending.

Fall From Grace[]

  • This story’s Mark Hannigan is a refugee from a version of Pacific Glade that was decimated by the Inspector’s dark counterpart, the Sightless. He tries to resume an ordinary detective life in the world he’s escaped to, but has a difficult time adjusting to his new reality.

Something Monstrous[]

  • In this story’s universe, Mark takes on a superhero identity as the Violet Knight to protect Pacific City, following the example of the Purple Specter. He is eventually transformed into a kaiju and forced to fight the Specter by Rylan Jones.

Playing Pretend[]

  • In this story’s universe, Mark met the Inspector as a child during his investigation into the shadow plague stealing bodies in Pacific Glade.

All Things End[]

  • In this story’s universe, Mark is fatally injured during an incident on the job, but does not die like he should. He comes to realize the horror of this supposed miracle when his body then starts to decay while he’s still in it. He is eventually taken by the Enderling and given a chance to move on.

Cosmic Love[]

  • In this story’s universe, Mark is the town sheriff instead of Olivia Marconi. He joins forces with the Cosmonaut to investigate CAPRA and their involvement with the mysterious deaths in town.

Smoke Over Blacktooth Valley[]

  • In this story’s universe, Mark is a lawman and cowboy who travels with the Gunslinger (a counterpart of the Inspector) to protect civilians in the American West from otherworldly threats. He barely survives the massacre at Widow’s Creek, and is able to kill the entity responsible (the Blight) in its Gunslinger disguise.

Tourist Trap[]

  • In this story’s universe, Mark’s friendship with the Inspector is retroactively erased due to the time-eater’s meddling. He briefly sides with the Inspector to protect the monster’s influence from escaping Pacific Glade, but is killed when the Sightless razes their dimension into nothing.

The Old Block[]

  • In this story’s universe, Mark sacrificed himself in order to take down a destructive hive-mind entity called the Plexus, but his consciousness was merged with the entity in the process, forming a new entity called the Other. In this ascended form, he was able to glimpse the multiverse and ended up sending shadows into other worlds to “save” Mark’s friends and family and finally give his counterparts a “happy ending.”