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Norman Clancy is an FBI agent in the Special Cases division. He comes to Pacific Glade to eliminate the Inspector, whom he views as a national threat.


Pre-Neverglades Series[]

  • Clancy encounters the Inspector while investigating a string of child disappearances at a theme park called Summerland. After witnessing a child die at the Inspector's hands (and not knowing the child was possessed), Clancy makes it his goal to bring the Inspector to justice. He is recruited by Wendell Collins and the Special Cases division of the FBI to track down the Inspector and take him into custody. However, Clancy becomes convinced that the only way to save the world is for the Inspector to die. He moves to Pacific Glade and goes undercover to track the Inspector's movements, and ultimately follows him to St. Florence Hospital when the entity reappears after a year of being away.

Red Eye[]

  • Clancy tracks a supernatural presence in the hospital, believing it to be the Inspector, but finds the Ender instead. He kills the entity to prevent it from attacking Paul Ingram and Clara Bellevance.

Man of the Law[]

  • In an effort to locate the Inspector, Clancy takes Paul hostage and demands that the nurse lead him to the Inspector's room. Paul instead leads him to the North Wing, where Lola Velasquez and Georgina Prewitt are guarding the at-risk patients. They engage in a standoff until the Pacific Glade police force (and Ruth Hannigan) arrive. Clancy considers calling in a backup squad, but falters when the Ferryman appears and reveals that the Inspector and Olivia Marconi are dying. Clancy decides to lay low while the rest of the group makes plans to rescue their friends, reasoning that he'll get his chance to kill the Inspector eventually.

On the Fringe of What We Know[]

  • Clancy, guarded by Detective Prewitt, stays behind while Abigail Shannon and the rescue team enter the multiverse to find their friends' missing pieces.

Brother's Keeper[]

  • In the chaos following the monster infestation at St. Florence, Clancy is able to knock out Prewitt and attack Paul Ingram, hoping that he can kill the Inspector and end the madness. However, Prewitt comes to and shoots Clancy in the arm, eventually knocking him unconscious so he can't cause any more harm.

Journey's End[]

  • Months after the Inspector and Marconi's return, Clancy meets the group at the Hanging Rock, making tensions high. He says that the FBI is still cleaning up messes after reality stabilized itself, and that even though he's giving the Inspector a second chance, he'll be keeping an eye on Pacific Glade and won't hesitate to take the Inspector out if he becomes a real threat.

Multiverse Incarnations[]

E Pluribus Unum[]

  • In this story's universe, Clancy is a political journalist who is recruited by dimensional refugee Olivia Marconi to investigate presidential candidate Allen MacReady, who is secretly the Semblance in disguise. Clancy ends up going viral while pretending to be a crazed MacReady fanatic, which makes MacReady unpopular to many voters and sinks his campaign. In jail, Clancy is visited by the newly elected US president, Cate Morrigan, only to learn in horror that she is yet another version of the Semblance.


  • Clancy previously appeared in a collaborative story about alien abductions in Disneyland, posted on r/NoSleep in 2018. In it, he manipulated the Inspector into entering the lair of an extradimensional presence, which he hoped would kill the Inspector. However, the events of this story are noncanonical.