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Olivia Marconi is sheriff of the Pacific Glade police department and a close colleague of Mark Hannigan and the Inspector. She has a reputation for being tough as nails. Currently she is working alongside the Inspector to protect the Neverglades from various interdimensional threats. She has a counterpart in the Everglades named Libby Lombardi.


Pre-Neverglades Series[]

  • After dropping out of college, Marconi becomes a cop in the snowy town of North Berwick, Vermont, where she eventually falls in love with fellow officer Elisa Monteiro. However, Marconi is transferred out west to Pacific Glade before she can confess how she feels to Elisa.

Lost Time[]

  • Marconi is the one who calls Detective Hannigan to bring him aboard the Edgar Guerrera case. She later accompanies Hannigan and the Inspector to Ellory Pickett's greenhouse, where she shoots and kills the time-eater possessing Pickett's body.

Zombie Radio[]

  • When Marconi gets wind of the corpse that tried to strangle Hannigan, she orders him to call her the next time something weird happens. Mark fails to do this, however, and she confronts him in his office after the radio case is settled. Mark promises to keep her in the loop for future Inspector cases.

The Wendigo[]

  • While searching for a group of missing campers, Marconi is abducted by an empathic giant, who traps her in a pocket dimension and slowly feeds off her fear. After she is woken by Janine Zimmerman, Marconi fights back against the giant by feeding it blasts of courage (the antithesis to its being). They return to the real world, where Hannigan finally tells them everything about the Inspector and his weird cases.

Purple Moon[]

  • Due to prolonged exposure to the Inspector, Marconi slips behind the rift in her sleep. She is able to contact Hannigan, who is also trapped in the rift world, but the toxic air of that world gives her a hacking cough and causes her to lose consciousness. She is rescued by the Inspector and taken back to the real world.

On the Mountain of Madness[]

  • Marconi and Hannigan are pursuing a possessed criminal named Lester Barlow up the side of Mount Palmer when Hannigan is involved in a nasty car crash. While Mark is missing in the asylum, Marconi finds Barlow and puts three bullets in his head, killing the entity squatting in his brain. She finds a shaken Mark in the wreckage of the asylum and brings him back to town.

Lucid Dreams[]

  • Marconi is called by Hannigan to provide a getaway car when Mark and the Inspector are trapped in CAPRA headquarters. The Inspector says that Marconi could be just as useful to CAPRA as Hannigan, since she's also been behind the rift.


  • Marconi is in the police station when the quake hits, resulting in tremendous damage throughout Pacific Glade. She joins Hannigan and the Inspector in launching an assault on CAPRA, whom they believe to be responsible for the incident. Hannigan goes dark and begins murdering the scientists he sees as responsible for the death of his son, but Marconi slugs him and talks him down before he can kill Valentina Koeppel. She is left behind with the Inspector when Mark takes the explosives up into the rift to save the world from the Leviathan.

Fallen Night[]

  • Marconi attends Mark's funeral and stays behind to smoke a cigarette by his grave. She meets the Inspector there, and together they form a new alliance, vowing to continue saving people as Mark would have done. They return to Marconi's home, where she and Janine have taken in the surviving Hannigans in the aftermath of the quake.

A Neverglades Halloween[]

  • Marconi attends the Inspector's Halloween party in her typical work uniform, so she is unaffected when the Semblance brings everyone's costumes to life. She is able to weaken but not kill the Semblance, forcing it to retreat back into its own dimension.

Family Plot[]

  • Marconi becomes aware that the Semblance intends to raise an army of the dead and kill Ruth Hannigan. She and Zachary Atwater race to Locklear Cemetery and are able to subdue the Semblance, along with the help of the Inspector.

Nightmare Walking[]

  • Marconi and the Inspector take the hunt to the Semblance when it starts to murder random civilians. When Atwater is attacked and presumed dead, Marconi wonders if she was actually the Semblance's target this time; however, Atwater is revived, thwarting the Semblance's plans.

In the Beginning[]

  • Marconi is transported back in time to a memory of when the Inspector almost wiped out the human race one million years ago. The Semblance tries to convince her that the Inspector is an "agent of death" and it's only a matter of time before he destroys all of humanity. Marconi denies the Semblance's claims, but privately wonders if it's telling the truth.

Temple of the Moon[]

  • Marconi digs up the existence of the Inspector cult, the Temple of the Moon, after investigating the strange rash of suicides on the St. Dominic's campus. She and Janine Zimmerman are taken captive by security officer Tony Ruggieri and forced to watch Richard Temple blackmail the Inspector to save the world. Marconi gets free, kills the Data Entity hypnotizing the cultists, and helps the Inspector incapacitate Temple so he can't cause any more suicides.

Body Count[]

  • Marconi is involved in a car crash with Janine, Larry Hogan, John Whedon, and Jeremy Belmont. When people start dying, she wonders if there is a body-hopping entity called the "brain jacker" that is picking them off. Eventually Whedon reveals himself to be responsible for all the suspicious deaths. Marconi is able to kill him, but not before he fatally shoots Janine.

Checking Out[]

  • To cope with Janine's death, Marconi and Ruth take a trip down south to stay at the Cerulean Shores Hotel and clear their heads. However, the hotel turns out to be the site of several mysterious disappearances, and the two get sucked into a bizarre world by the Backwards Woman. Together with the Weird Brothers, Marconi and Ruth are able to kill the entity and return to the real world, where Marconi decides that she's better off returning to the Neverglades.

Black Valentine[]

  • Marconi is taken hostage by Timothy Lancaster after she, the Inspector, and Atwater infiltrate CAPRA headquarters. She learns that CAPRA is responsible for freeing the Semblance from its prison, and that they were the ones who brought Valentina's ghost back to Pacific Glade. She has no other choice but to trust them when they tell her that the Inspector needs to extract Valentina's essence from the Ender to put her soul back together. She manages to convince the Inspector to do this before Valentina and Lancaster are killed by the Semblance. It disappears, and Marconi wonders if there's any way to rescue Mark Hannigan the same way CAPRA rescued Valentina.

Fear No Evil[]

  • When the Semblance opens doors into Pacific Glade that let in all sorts of monsters, Marconi leads the police force in an assault on the world behind the doors. Following the Inspector's plan, she has the team pretend to split up to tail her once she's located the Semblance. The plan works, and the Semblance is sealed away, but Marconi is left wondering how it was able to disguise itself as Janine so convincingly. She ultimately chooses to return to Pacific Glade instead of walking down the Ghost Highway, where she believes the real Janine may have gone.

Ghost Highway[]

  • Haunted by dreams of Mark Hannigan, Marconi and the Inspector venture into the world beyond the doors one last time to rescue him. However, it is revealed that Mark's echo (or ghost) is the only part of him still remaining. She and the Inspector, with the guidance of the Ferryman, help Mark's echo find some rest. The Inspector asks Marconi if she also wants to find Janine somewhere in this wasteland. The story ends ambiguously, with Marconi's choice to return home or find Janine left unclear.

Green Light[]

  • After a year of being away, Marconi's unconscious body is found in Catamount forest by Lola Velasquez, along with the Inspector and a transformed Ferryman.

On the Fringe of What We Know[]

  • A rescue team enters the multiverse in order to find the missing pieces of Marconi and the Inspector and bring them back home. One fragment of Marconi's consciousness ends up on a snowy mountain in a pocket universe modeled after North Berwick. Here she kills an alternate universe version of Timothy Lancaster and rescues a dying Abigail Shannon, bringing her to safety in an ice cave.

Final Rest[]

  • While one fragment of Marconi looks after Abigail and struggles with her feelings upon seeing Elisa again, another fragment finds herself in a warm, golden city, where she meets Janine. It is revealed that Marconi turned back on the ghost highway to return home, leaving her with immense guilt that she'd abandoned her wife. However, Janine reveals that she was never on the road. She takes Marconi to a house in the suburbs where they encounter Rory Hannigan and Mark's echo from the netherwastes, who made it to a happier place after all. Both of her fragments end up leaving to be reunited with their true self, with the promise that Marconi will return to the golden city one day.

A Thousand Glistening Threads[]

  • More fragments of Marconi exist in other pocket dimensions, where she attempts to get through to the Inspector and help his fragments find their way home. Among these dimensions include: Venice in the time of the black plague; Tombstone, Arizona on the day of the OK Corral shooting; a gay bar in Boston called the Aurora; and the bombed out ruins of Dresden at the end of World War II. She is finally able to access the shadow prison where the Semblance is being kept and rescue the last fragment of the Inspector that is trapped there.

Journey's End[]

  • Marconi enters the Moonverse with Ruth and the Inspector in an effort to convince the alternate Mark Hannigan to come to the prime timeline with them. He agrees, and he and alternate Rory become part of the family. Marconi takes the new Mark on monster-hunting missions again and tries to ease him into his new life. She takes over the position of sheriff once more, but not before attending Abigail's funeral and paying her respects to the fallen officer.

Multiverse Incarnations[]

Dark Side of the Moon[]

  • In the aftermath of the Inspector’s sacrifice in the Moonverse, Marconi leads the resistance force against the monster invasion, but is killed trying to defend the town.

Murder Mystery[]

  • In this story’s universe, Marconi is a fellow officer of Detective Ruth Hannigan and is vocally critical of their sheriff, Nico Sanchez. Despite being drunk, she tries to offer Ruth assistance when her husband is repeatedly killed in inexplicable ways.

Something Monstrous[]

  • In this story’s universe, Marconi is the commissioner of Pacific City who helps keep the streets free of crime. She is an ally to the Violet Knight (Mark Hannigan’s superhero persona).

All Things End[]

  • In this story’s universe, Marconi joins the investigation into the mysterious revival of the dead and subsequent plague of immortality. She ends up trying to cooperate with the government when Pacific Glade goes into lockdown.

Cosmic Love[]

  • In this story’s universe, Marconi was born as a celestial entity who goes by the name “the Cosmonaut.” She ends up joining with CAPRA astronomer Janine Zimmerman to investigate why the stars are going out, and in the process, the two fall in love.

Tourist Trap[]

  • In this story’s universe, Marconi’s memory is altered by the time-eater to believe that Pacific Glade was always a tourist trap. She is killed when the time-eater retroactively makes her die in a skiing accident during her years on the force in Vermont.

E Pluribus Unum[]

  • Marconi is the survivor of a tyrannical regime orchestrated by the Semblance in another dimension. She follows the Semblance to journalist Norman Clancy’s dimension, intending to stop it from bringing yet another world to ruin, but is killed by the entity before she can complete her mission.

The Old Block[]

  • In this story’s universe, Marconi steps down as Pacific Glade sheriff, but continues to work within the precinct as a captain and Detective Rory Hannigan’s boss. She eventually succumbs to the Other’s nostalgia trap and is taken by him into the Dark.

Blood Moon[]

  • The Cosmonaut (from "Cosmic Love") is later recruited by the Chronicler to help take down the Inspector's dark counterpart, the Sightless.