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"Sometimes you close your eyes to a nightmare, and sometimes you wake up to one."


The fifth story in the Neverglades series.

Detective Hannigan wakes up in a nightmarish version of Pacific Glade, where the world has turned purple and all the people have been replaced by dripping orbs of light. Lost and confused, he has to navigate this strange world and save Sheriff Marconi, who's also found herself trapped in this place. But there's a sinister entity roaming the streets who wants to snuff their lights... and the Inspector is nowhere to be found.



  • The Rift
  • The Hannigan Home
  • Pacific Glade Police Station
  • Marconi's House


  • Hannigan and the Inspector go their separate ways in this story, a hiatus that lasts until "Lucid Dreams."
  • The near-extinction event that the Inspector describes in this story is depicted in the Volume Two story "In the Beginning," where Marconi witnesses the event for herself.
  • The Inspector's true form is seen for the first time in this story. Similar larger-than-life entities who may be related to the Inspector appear in "Lights in the Sky Over St. Anders, Iowa."
  • The Prior family in "Parts Unknown" find themselves in a similar purple world while on vacation in Stonepier.
  • The Inspector mentions having stepped into the role of humanity's protector when Earth was abandoned by its creator. He later encounters that same Creator (whom he refers to as the Creator of All Things) in the story "A Thousand Glistening Threads."