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Stephen Smith (also known as the Detective) is a new graduate from an organization called the Monster Hunter Society and a counterpart to the Inspector from the Neverglades series. He visits Atlantic Dale, Florida, to investigate a string of mysterious deaths, which he believes were caused by a kappa. Though he pretends to be a federal agent to impress Constable Mike Hannity and Sheriff Libby Lombardi, they see through his disguise easily. The investigation puts Smith and the others on the trail of a methed-up alligator and a crazy man whom Smith calls "Florida Man" and believes is a local cryptid.

Smith later returns to Atlantic Dale to investigate and take down Krampus, whom he believes to be terrorizing Libby's Christmas party. Together with Ruby Herringbone, he learns that Krampus is actually Sammy Vance in disguise, his old rival from the Monster Hunter academy.

Ruby eventually sends Smith to the Bahamas to bring Mike back home, although he believes she wants him to hunt a voodoo shaman instead. Mike agrees to return to Atlantic Dale. Smith has taken to visiting the town often to see his "friends," even though there don't seem to be any monsters around.

He appears in "The Everglades Mysteries," "An Everglades Christmas," and "Vacation's End."