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Below is a timeline of all the significant events in the Farrowverse to date, including details from the Neverglades series, the Inspector Investigations, The Cemetery on Ashwood Lane, gallows hill, and others.


  • Dawn of Creation: The Creator of All Things creates several universes, but ultimately deems them imperfect and abandons them to move on to other projects. They will continue to create more and more worlds in order to find the perfect universe.
  • 1.2 Million Years Ago: The Inspector reveals his true form to the early hominids on Earth, which reduces the world’s population to about 55,000 and nearly brings the human race to extinction. He retreats and lets humanity build itself back up again. (See: In the Beginning)
  • Dawn of Civilization: The Inspector notices beings like the empathic giants slipping through the rift and feeding on humans. In order to stop them, he shrinks his essence into a smaller vessel to move among the humans and protect them from the shadows. (See: The Wendigo)
  • 1631 (Venice, Italy): The Inspector (using the name the Physician) investigates a resurgence of the Black Plague, which he believes to be caused by a rift entity. He is able to find and kill the king rat causing the sickness, but is forced to reveal his true powers to the people of Venice, who fear and shun him. (See: A Thousand Glistening Threads)
  • 1663 (Hartford, Connecticut): The Hartford Witch Trials sweep through the area and result in mass hysteria and hangings. Josephine Young, one of the few real “witches,” makes a contract with an entity named Nephilos to gain immortality. She escapes persecution to start a new life outside of Hartford, taking Nephilos with her as her servant. (See: josephine young)
  • 1881 (Tombstone, Arizona): The Inspector (in the guise of the Gunslinger) chases after Ike Clanton on the afternoon of the O.K. Corral shooting, believing him to be the Semblance in disguise and the one responsible for the lawlessness of the frontier. He is shocked to learn that Ike is human, making him question his beliefs about the inherent goodness of mankind. (See: A Thousand Glistening Threads)
  • 1945 (Dresden, Germany): After World War II has ended, the Inspector comes to the wreckage of Dresden and finds the Semblance in a new disguise. He accuses the Semblance of pushing humanity too far this time, saying that they’ve gone over a precipice they can’t come back from. The two grapple with each other, forcing the Inspector to seal the Semblance away in a shadow prison so it can’t spread its evil influence anymore. (See: A Thousand Glistening Threads)
  • 1968 (Harmonia, Kansas): Two Catholic priests are called to the Sable farmhouse to exorcise their daughter Lucy, who has been possessed by an entity they believe to be the Devil. It turns out to be something so much worse, and it dissolves the priests and the Sables before blighting their farmland forever. (See: The Exorcism of Lucy Sable)
  • 1985 (Boston, Massachusetts): The Inspector (known as the Bartender) gets a job serving drinks at a nightclub called the Aurora in order to hunt down an entity that comes out at night and feeds on the energy of crowds. He has been working entirely on his own since sealing the Semblance away forty years ago. (See: A Thousand Glistening Threads)
  • Early 1990s (Rhode Island; New York): Marjorie Baker loses her daughter Charlie while on a college visit in Rhode Island. She returns to New York to live out her dream of being a cabaret star (using the stage name Janie Hathaway) but accidentally overdoses and dies. She is taken by an unknown entity to the afterlife. (See Liminal Spaces)
  • 1992 (Bixby, Alabama): Mary Ellen Irving escapes from the Mount Palmer Psychiatric Institute. She goes on a killing spree and murders Drew Darrow’s best friend, Algie Breckinridge, although she disappears before she is ever caught. (See: Mary Ellen's Eyes)
  • 2002 (North Berwick, Vermont): Olivia Marconi starts her career as a cop and partners up with new recruit Marshall Kane. She becomes close with fellow rookie Elisa Monteiro and starts to fall in love with her, but is relocated to Pacific Glade before she can start a relationship. (See: Final Rest)
  • Late 2000’s (New Orleans, Louisiana): The Storms’ End Tavern is built in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, but continues to be haunted by strange sightings and odd phenomena. Keisha Travers, one of the co-proprietors, believes the Tavern is haunted by the ghost of Katrina itself. (See: Seven Photographs from the Storm's End Tavern)
  • 2008 (Hartford, Connecticut): Two film students named Shaun Sanford and Tom Johnson make a documentary about the Hartford Witch Trials, which gets hijacked by a shapeshifting entity named Mirror Face. Thanks to the help of the witch Josephine Young (and her servant, Nephilos), Mirror Face is seemingly killed. The boys go on to share their video and travel the country, where they start an investigative blog called “the Weird Brothers.” (See: nephilos)
  • 2011 (Dalton Springs, Nevada): Lacey Benedict emerges from a Rosen Corp augmentation trial with the power to alter reflections. She uses this ability to enact revenge on her high school tormentors, Meredith Lake and Julia Maxwell. (See: Skin Deep)
  • 2014 (Mount Isolation, New Hampshire): Jeff Broadchurch accidentally unleashes an entity called the Apocryph at the urging of a sinister presence who speaks to him over the radio. He chooses to freeze himself to death to sink the Apocryph into hibernation, and even though it does escape, it is too weakened to cause the apocalypse. (See: Transcripts from the Mount Isolation Radio Outpost)
  • 2016 (Chicago, Illinois): The scientists at Stardust Industries discover a passage to an alternate version of their facility, where a cataclysmic disaster blasted a hole through the fabric of the universe. A deadly spore seeps through the hole and dissolves most of the remaining crew, including lead researcher Ted Caldera and his assistant Vanessa Koeppel. The facility is put under quarantine and the spore nullified by Rosen Corp. (See: The Caldera Paradox)
  • 2017 (The Neverglades): Noticing it as an area with unusually strong rift activity, the Inspector heads to Pacific Glade in the guise of a federal agent. He forms a partnership with homicide detective Mark Hannigan and together the pair protects the town from a number of rift-related threats. In the aftermath of Hannigan's death, the Inspector forms a new alliance with Sheriff Olivia Marconi to continue offering Pacific Glade his protection.
    • After the quake, Tom Ingram agrees to take part in a CAPRA trial and ends up becoming a prisoner of Rosen Corp. They create body duplicates to upload his consciousness and carry out dangerous missions in other worlds. One of these missions is to destroy the evidence of the Stardust breach. He learns about the true purpose of his trial and compiles evidence to send to the Inspector. (See: Fleshy Sensoria)
  • 2017 (Atlantic Dale, Florida): Town constable Mike Hannity is investigating a string of grisly murders when a mysterious Detective joins the case. Together with Sheriff Libby Lombardi, the group heads into the heart of the Everglades, where they take down a methed-up alligator and a crazed Florida Man (who the Detective thinks is a local cryptid). (See: The Everglades Mysteries)
  • 2017 (San Francisco): Marcy McKenna flees south after the results of her CAPRA augmentation trial cause her to become immensely sick. Dr. Crawford is able to cure her, but ends up using her blood samples to open doors into other worlds. (See: The Crawford Experiment)
  • 2018 (Stonepier, Massachusetts): Rosen Corp opens a sham bed and breakfast to trap unsuspecting tourists, such as the Priors, for their otherworldly experiments. Jenna Prior refuses to eat the tainted food and is captured by Tom Ingram, after which she is killed, experimented on, and dumped in the harbor. Tom leaves a clue in Jenna’s blog for the Inspector to find and guide him toward his next case. (See: Parts Unknown)
  • 2018 (St. Anders, Iowa): Floating lights appear in the sky above St. Anders and draw crowds of UFO enthusiasts. Rosen Corp sends its operatives Katerina Beckford and Tomas Cristobal (also known as the Truth Hunters) to keep an eye on the situation. When the entities behind the lights reveal their true nature, the Truth Hunters transport them (and the entire town) into another dimension to prevent the entities from destroying our reality. Rosen Corp covers up the disappearance of St. Anders. (See: Lights in the Sky Over St. Anders, Iowa)
  • 2018 (Idaho): John Peregrine, a Rosen Corp agent, takes up the role of head librarian at the Theodore Holbrook Memorial Library to watch over Dylan McAllister, a patient in one of Rosen Corp’s tulpa division studies. The experiment is nearly ruined by the intervention of Julianna Park, but she is killed helping Dylan escape. Peregrine relocates the patient to another facility and sends in Ingram to restore dimensional stability. He convinces Ingram to help trap the Inspector in exchange for ending the Ingram Project. (See: The Staircase in the Library)
  • 2018 (The Inspector Investigations): Following the events in Pacific Glade, the Inspector travels the country chasing various leads related to rift phenomena. His investigations uncover an organization called Rosen Corp that is behind a number of strange incidents, including experimenting with human augmentation and summoning entities from beyond the rift. The Inspector manages to cripple their stronghold with the help of a duplicate of Tom Ingram, but Tom's body is destroyed in the process. (See: Last Sparks of an Ephemeral Fire)
  • 2018 (Atlantic Dale, Florida): Mike Hannity wins the lottery and ditches his wife, Ruby Herringbone, to party in the Bahamas. Ruby is happy to move on and attends Libby Lombardi’s Christmas party at the Swinging Boulder lesbian bar. The party is interrupted by the arrival of Detective Stephen Smith, who’s looking for Krampus, and the poorly disguised Sammy Vance, who came all the way to the Everglades to prank their longtime rival Smith. (See: An Everglades Christmas)
  • 2018-2019 (The Neverglades): While continuing his investigations with Sheriff Marconi, the Inspector runs afoul of his old enemy, the Semblance. Despite the entity's many attempts to hurt the Inspector and the people he loves, the Inspector is able to defeat it and seal it away again.
  • 2019 (Cerulean Shores, California): The Weird Brothers, after taking a hiatus from their blog, decide to come out of retirement to investigate the bizarre disappearance in the Cerulean Shores Hotel. They go missing themselves, thanks to the influence of the Backwards Woman, but are able to team up with Marconi and Ruth Hannigan to return to the real world. (See: Checking Out)
  • 2019 (North Berwick, Vermont): Morganna Lewis descends into the patchwork world below the cemetery on Ashwood Lane to rescue her missing sister, Gwen. She and detective Marshall Kane are almost sucked in by memories of their lost loved ones, but ultimately return to the surface world – without Gwen, who opts to stay with the echo of their mother. (See: The Cemetery on Ashwood Lane)
  • 2019 (Orlando, Florida): Escape room enthusiasts, the Greater Orlando Escapists, are invited to take part in a challenge at famous magician Elias Shade’s House of Doorways. The challenge turns out to be a trap and the Escapists’ livestream is used as a sacrifice to appease an entity called the Ringmaster who feeds on blood and attention. Shade disappears after being freed from his contract with the Ringmaster. (See: House of Doorways)
  • 2019 (Brooklyn, New York, etc.): A cursed B-movie called Murder at the Blue Eclipse emerges around the country, driving anyone who watches it to madness or suicide. The Inspector tracks down a copy to watch it himself, and learns that the strange side effects of the movie are a result of a fictional character trying to break through the fourth wall and enter the real world. He resolves to keep an ear out for any other copies of the movie. (See: Murder at the Blue Eclipse)
  • 2019 (The Neverglades): The Inspector is still haunted by the death of Mark Hannigan, but eventually is able to help his echo find some rest. He and Olivia Marconi travel down the ghost highway, their ultimate destination unknown. (See: Ghost Highway)
  • 2020 (West Hartford, Connecticut): Mirror Face tracks down Missy Kendall, one of the film students who watched Shaun and Tom’s video exposing the supernatural, and tortures her in the guise of Shaun. He eventually murders her and cuts off her face when she tries to escape. (See: mirror face)
  • 2020-2021 (The Neverglades): Marconi and the Inspector return to Pacific Glade, but are comatose as pieces of themselves have been scattered across dimensions. Their friends enter the multiverse to put the pieces back in place and restore a rapidly destabilizing reality. They are able to restore the duo and even rescue other dimensional versions of Mark and Rory Hannigan from a hellish alternate worldline.
  • 2021 (gallows hill): Mirror Face tracks down the captive Nephilos and places him into a dataspace, where he forces the entity to hunt the remaining people who saw the fateful video. They are slowly picked off one by one, including Josephine Young, who is killed when Nephilos turns against her and claims her soul. The Weird Brothers learn they are being hunted and go on the run, but Mirror Face claims he will find them one day. (See: vessel)