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"These creatures, they swallow happiness. Fear. Depression. Hope. Each has a particular taste, and it feeds slowly, keeping its victims in stasis until it can suck them dry."


The fourth story in the Neverglades series.

Sheriff Marconi has gone missing, and her girlfriend Janine believes that an entity called a wendigo may be responsible. She joins Hannigan and the Inspector as they head into the woods to investigate. As the trail grows warmer, however, it appears that a far different being may be behind Marconi's disappearance, and the Inspector is forced to confront an old enemy from his past.



  • Pacific Glade Police Station
  • Catamount Forest
  • Pocket Universes


  • The capsule that the Inspector finds near the rift alludes to the involvement of CAPRA in letting the wendigo into Pacific Glade.
  • Another empathic giant, scientifically modified by Rosen Corp, appears in the pocket universe in "Room 325."