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Valentina Koeppel was a head scientist for the Quantum Studies Division of CAPRA. Using various Rosen Corp technology, she and her team of scientists conducted many studies to bring entities from beyond the rift over to our world. She was first killed by the Ender, then revived, only to be shot and killed again by the Semblance.


Lucid Dreams[]

  • Valentina confronts Mark Hannigan and vaporizes the Inspector when the duo infiltrates CAPRA headquarters. She explains the purpose of her organization and asks if Hannigan will help provide her with information on the Inspector and the world beyond the rift to aid in their studies. When Hannigan refuses and the Inspector rematerializes, Valentina retreats and calls security for backup.


  • While celebrating their success in opening the rift, Valentina's team is assaulted by Mark Hannigan, who murders everyone in the room except Valentina. He, Marconi, and the Inspector force her to take boxes of explosives up into the void to seal the rift from the other side. She betrays them, however, and Hannigan is barely able to leap onboard and commandeer the helicopter. When the Ender appears to take her, Valentina shoots it, but this only succeeds in angering the creature. It sedates and kills her before the explosions go off.

Black Valentine[]

  • Thanks to her former lover Timothy Lancaster and the scientists at CAPRA, Valentina returns to Pacific Glade in a ghostly form, full of rage and fire. She lays waste to the Harvest Fair and the Pacific Glade Police Station before following Marconi and her team back to CAPRA headquarters. The Inspector manages to extract her essence from within the Ender and recomplete her corporeal form, but she is shot and killed again by the Semblance in the form of Zachary Atwater.

Multiverse Incarnations[]

Something Monstrous[]

  • In this story’s universe, Valentina is a secret agent from an organization that tasks her with discovering Rylan Jones’s true intentions. In the guise of Tina Koeppel, a talent agent, she lures the Purple Specter up to Rylan’s offices and uses him to get access to Rylan’s secret files, but is killed by a kaiju before she can retrieve any evidence.

Cosmic Love[]

  • In this story’s universe, Valentina is Head Researcher at CAPRA and the boss of Janine Zimmerman. She tasks Janine with studying the stars in order to help open a rift in space, while also using her to track down CAPRA’s biggest threat, the Cosmonaut. She is killed in the collapse of CAPRA’s headquarters when her plan is thwarted and stars start falling from the sky.