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Inspector, Inspector, the monster detector. Does your friend know who you really are? Does he know the things you’ve done?


The second story in the Neverglades series.

Detective Hannigan knows he's in for another weird case when a body comes to life in the morgue and tries to strangle him. With the Inspector's help, he discovers that a sinister entity in the radio waves is responsible. It's up to this unlikely duo to stop the deadly broadcast before the entire town's brains are liquefied.



  • Pacific Glade Police Station
  • Mountain Ridge Country Club
  • Pacific Glade Community Radio


  • This is the first story to allude to the involvement of CAPRA, who is responsible for the equipment that allowed the radio entity to enter Pacific Glade.
  • This is the first story to feature Marcy McKenna, who would become a central character in "Remember Me."
  • A similar radio entity appears in "Transcripts from the Mount Isolation Radio Outpost."